Yoga And The City: Chaos And Meditation Combined In My Newest Photo Project

I was inspired to create this series on my recent trip to India, when I found myself wanting to do something interesting which highlighted the different kinds of people who live in big cities.

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Through my project “Yoga and the City” I wanted to show people who are committed to yoga philosophy and yoga lifestyle in the big cities, people, who live in the middle of a hustle, but manage to maintain their harmony and happiness. The spiritual part of each person’s life is very important and it doesn’t matter what environment surrounds you, whether it be Himalayan mountains or skyscrapers on a busy street, what is most important is what is inside and how you view the world.

Yoga and the City – combines art, spirituality and sport. It is a reflection of a person’s strength and power. Strength to overcome adversities and to find your balance while living in a fast paced environment. Yoga – is a way to find alignment with your true self, to become closer to your spiritual core.

My advice to all people out there – to follow their path and their soul calling. To do what they really love, and to do it with passion.

We live in a beautiful and unique world, and we shouldn’t lose ourselves in the every day routine and hustle, but to keep enjoying this life and every moment of it. This is what my project is all about.

Yoga And The City is an ongoing project which I plan to continue in different cities around the world.

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