We Took Over A Defunct Mansion And Turned It Into A Dark Fairytale

This past weekend, me (photographer Karen Jerzyk) and a team of models, makeups artists, a designer and a florist took over the historical Oliver Bronson House in Hudson, NY. We lugged tons of props, flowers, makeup and wardrobe with us over multiple states to transform the beautiful home into a dark fairytale. We had only four hours to complete eleven elaborate scenes. Enjoy!

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Credits: photographer: Karen Jerzyk; designer: Ashley Rose Couture; makeup:​ Alyne Halvajian, Alicia Dane, Selena Navarrete; florist: Molly Anne McGill & Adrienne Weston (Fleur Events); models: Maya Tihtiyas, Hillary Ann Perry, Alexis Martin, Rayne Tupelo, Kimberly Reinagel; masks: Candice Angelini; taxidermy: Jose M Chavez Jr (The Holy Blood); painter (Horse): Marissa Maitland; location: Dr Oliver Bronson House, Hudson NY.

More info: karenjerzykphoto.com

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