This Is Me: We Photographed People Beyond Their Disabilities

This photographic portrait project’s aim, is to challenge any preconceptions people have about individuals who have a learning disability. The photographers brief was to look past the disability and focus on ability, personality and uniqueness. This film captures the journey we went on and the empowerment everyone who was involved felt. The images are honest & beautiful.

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Because my cast members have so many talents that are often never seen by the wider public I have now set up a national specialist talent and model agency solely for people with disabilities, we have signed some incredibly inspiring and talented individuals including some members of the paraolympic team. We are very close to our big launch when we will giving people that ordinarily wouldn’t have a platform to get work the opportunity to do so. Our agency is called Zebedee Management and if you are interested in becoming a model or talent we would love to hear from you.

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