The Vitiligo Project

Vitiligo is a skin disorder: the skin cells cannot produce pigments as a result of which certain areas of the skin become white. The disorder affects roughly 1-3 percent of the population. As I have vitiligo as well, I chose this topic for my degree work at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, majoring in graphic design.

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The degree work introduces everyday events and situations with the help of photographs and short stories. Before starting out, I did a survey among other people suffering from vitiligo and found that similarly to my experiences they all have an ambivalent love-hate relationship with their own skin. The degree work is about how a person with vitiligo (in this particular case me) experiences the negative and positive reactions of other people.

The project was entirely concieved by me, Júlia Bodolóczki and I wrote the short stories myself as well. I asked Karolina Kárász to take photographs for my project, while the short stories are available in English as well translated by Ambrus Nagy.

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