Surreal Photos Of Burning Man By Victor Habchy

We all have that one place we want to visit. Photographer’s Vicktor Habchy dream destination was the Burning Man festival. One day he decided to stop dreaming and start living: “I simply packed my bag and traveled the world to attend this magnificent event,” Victor told Bored Panda.

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The photographer was travelling alone, so the journey across the world was physically demanding. “I entered the festival, in the middle of the night, exhausted and I slept for 15 hours”. It was worth it, though. Victor’s experience was life-changing: “Until today I wonder If I was just dreaming for a week. I have never felt as much alive, as much creative and loved”.

People say this festival can’t be described. Well, maybe verbally, but Victor’s pictures paint a really vivid and lively image of a barren desert that erupts with life for one week every year.

More info: Victor Habchy

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