My Disease Gave Me The Opportunity To Visit This Abandoned 19th Century Sanatorium

As an Asthmatic child, hospitals and sanatoriums were the places where I basically grew up…. Now, 25 years later I had the chance to visit one the former treatment facilities from Romania.

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B─âile Govora treatment resort is situated near the Carpathian Mountains and the amazing mineral waters which help cure several lung diseases were discovered in 1876. During war time, wounded soldiers used to be treated using these waters. The little village slowly developed into a wonderful 19th century neo-classical spa & treatment facility. Here, people from all Europe used to come and enjoy a well deserved holiday based on relaxation, mountain walks and medical treatments.

Unfortunately, after WWII, the communist regime didn’t invest too much in maintaining the treatment facilities in this area and the economical fall of the early 90s brought the whole sanatorium and accommodation buildings into complete collapse.

Currently the local authorities are slowly trying to restore what’s left of the original architecture but as you can see, some buildings and dependencies cannot be saved anymore…

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