Movie Scenes Inserted Into Real Life Using My iPhone

Like many people, I always imagine weird things when I walk in the street, when I work or when I’m home. But I never found a good way to tell what goes through my head.

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One day, wanting to make a joke with friends, I replaced a statue of Napoleon in Cherbourg with a picture of my little pony in my phone and took a picture. I had so much fun that I put it on facebook, people immediately liked.

I remade another photo in this style, people still loved, I made another and another… I had finally found a way to tell all the stupid things that I think the time! And above all a way to show people what I have in the head. My associations of ideas. And above all a means of sharing.

It’s not my job, I’m a professor of history. I continue to take these photos as it amuses me. I do not think it will become my job, I love mine and it’s better than it’s still a hobby, which allows me to remain free in my creative efforts.

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