Loving Dad Documents His Autistic Son’s Unique Habits To Better Understand His World

Loving father and photographer Thimothy Archibald started capturing his autistic child’s unique habits on camera as a way of dealing with his son’s diagnosis. But, what was supposed to be a simple documentation, turned out to be much more. Not only did he learn more about his son’s unique world, but the father-son photo project brought them closer together. Thimothy, as a pro photographer, had to learn to stop trying to control situations by letting his son take the lead.

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The then 5-year-old autistic boy named Elijah was obsessed with mechanical objects, had a need for repetition and was socially withdrawn. Each shot that his father took reflects both Elija’s unique habits and his interaction with the world around him. “I never wanted [Eli] to think that he was normal. I wanted him to be aware of how different he was and see that as an asset,” Archibald said.

The whole photo series has been turned into a book titled ‘Echolilia’. You can purchase it through Archibald’s website.

More info: timothyarchibald.com | echolilia.com (h/t: mymodernmet)

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