Italian Graphic Designer Finds Pantone Colors In Natural Landscapes

Italian graphic designer Andrea Antoni searches the world for Pantone colors, reminding us to embrace the colorful nature of our surroundings.

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In each of his landscape studies, Antoni holds up a swatch, containing complimentary Pantone shades that are represented in the background. From an orange tone, popping up in a melancholic sky, to playful collection of greens, flourishing in the freshly cut grass – these color decks illustrate how Andrea sees the world.

“As a graphic designer, I’ve always loved the Pantone fan decks, although more for their joyfulness and color than for their intended purpose,” Antoni told Creators. “So it happened one day that I took a particularly colorful picture and tried to combine it with the related Pantone color. Initially, I would publish the occasional picture once in a while, but now about one third of my published photos are produced this way.”

Through these pictures, Andrea also tries to preserve the nostalgic emotion, associated with a particular place. “The images reflect the way I see the world, or the memory I have of some places. Some show the sensations that these places evoke in me,” the artist said.

Texas-based artist Inka Mathew has created a similar project, pairing tiny everyday objects with Pantone swatches, and it looks just as vibrant.

More info: andreaantoni.itInstagram (h/t: creators.vice)

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