I Travel The World To Find And Photograph The Most Amazing Architecture

My name is Tobias and I’m a self-taught professional photographer based in Germany. I made it my passion to track down amazing architecture and photograph it in a way that really emphasizes the architecture and vision of the architect by simultaneously being a work of art in itself. Architecture photography is not only a passion but also part of my profession as a photographer (next to my other passion: food photography).

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I can spend hours searching various photographic communities, architecture forums and even Google Maps for new and amazing buildings I’d like to photograph and I don’t mind travelling across countries to do so! Since I’m living in Germany, most of my architecture photography comes from German cities (where I also host workshops on Architecture Photography in German) but I’m curious to travel to other countries to find even more interesting buildings!

When I find my spot, it can take hours for an Image to be completed. Most of my images are long exposures with exposure times of up to 8 min. and they mostly consist of different exposures blended together in photoshop to recreate as much detail as possible and preserve as much information in an Image as possible to make the most out of it during post-processing. And the editing can take up to 6 hours per Image before everything is absolutely perfect!

I’m so happy that my work allows me to do something like this and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Although I’m feeling that I’m just starting out as a professional photographer, I really found my passion in life and I can combine it with traveling to different cities all around the world.

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