I Travel Around Europe Photographing Abandoned Staircases

In these photo’s I’ve tried to capture the beauty of staircases in abandoned places. Places like these can be very old carrying lots of history with them. The difference in architecture is great to see and I believe that each place tells it own story. The staircase is one of my favourite objects in an abandoned place. I’m not exactly sure why that is though. I believe I’m just intrigued by the shape of them. It’s interesting to look at them from the bottom all the way up, and the other way around. You can see that someone has actually thought this properly through. Some of these have the shape of an eye, others are made out of pure concrete and others are very detailed carved into wood by a true craftsman with the tiniest details. The staircase is such an important part of a building connecting floors with each other, often in the center of the building. You can barely miss it and have to use it.

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The photos have been taken in the past three years all around Europe. I find it very interesting to see how each staircase is different and has its own little details that are fascinating. The architecture differs a lot in each country.

I’ve used the Canon EOS 650D with a Sigma 10-20mm lens or a Canon 10-18mm lens. When shooting abandoned buildings, I mostly use my wide-angle to try and capture as much of the room as possible. I’ve recently made the switch from shooting with a Canon crop camera to shooting with a Sony full-frame camera. I’m using the Sony A7Rii and I’ve been using a wideangle 16-35mm lens and a standard zoomlens 24-70mm.

More info: romanrobroek.nl

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