I Took Photos Of Moms And Their Children With Special Needs To Show Their Love To Each Other

As a photographer I have always dreamt about the opportunity to take photographs of moms and their kids. I didn’t even expect that my dream will ever come true in such a beautiful way. Finally, when Mother’s day was coming, there came the possibility to capture moms with their unique kids – children with special needs.

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I often notice that when people take photos of special kids, they try to expose their disability. I didn’t want to do that. All I wanted was to show the true bond of mother and her unique kid.

It was really wonderful experience. I have never felt so much love and warmth as I felt while spending time with these families. Children with Down syndrome, autism, Rubinsten-Taybi syndrome and other disorders were very sincere and made me feel huge amount of warmth inside.

This experience made me realise that my problems are really small and that I have so much things to be thankful for. All of these moms teached me to think like that. They have so much love for life in their hearts and share their joy with everyone around them. I hope you’ll feel the same amount of love watching these photos as I felt while being with these wonderful special people.

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