I Photographed Abandoned Houses Of God

In these photo’s I’ve tried to capture the beauty in abandoned chapels and churches. Places like these can be very old carrying lots of history with them. The difference in architecture is great to see and I believe that each place tells it own story. Some of these places are actually destroyed or in renovation now. Taking a peek in a place like this and being able to share it is great to do. Chapels and churches are among my favourite abandoned places to visit because of the secrecy of what’s going on ‘behind’ the altar. I get to check every room and run into the most amazing things. Clothing, ancient books and tools used in services are just a few examples.

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One place was harder to visit than the other. Some of these buildings were a walk in the park, everything was open and no-one was looking after it anymore. Others were harder. There is one place for example where I spent 45 minutes on a steep road in the Italian mountains trying to reach it. The road was covered with big holes and was in a very bad condition. At another place I wasn’t paying attention and I stepped into a wooden bar with a rusty nail in it. That hurt.

The photos have been taken in the past three years all around Europe. I find it very interesting to see how different countries have their own way of constructing these religious places. The architecture differs a lot which is fascinating.

More info: romanrobroek.nl

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