I Photograph Historical Storefronts In Lisbon To Reveal The Story Of City Rarely Seen By Tourists

After the success of Paris re-tale project, Pixartprinting called me again to explore the beauty of the historical shops in the city of Lisbon. The last November 14th we landed in the city of the seven hills to meet thirty lovers of the Lisbon tradition: thirty historical shops, their facades and their owners.

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We chose Lisbon as the last city of the re-tale series because of its light, for the wonderful energy that its people transmit and for its nostalgic architecture that can make you feel in a different period of the history.

Lisbon, solar city, land of labyrinthine streets where the colors of the clothes in the balconies are mixed by those of the tiles in the walls of the buildings giving a very picturesque image. Old trains that go up the hills, people smiling, talking with foreigners, shaking hands with energy.

We have discovered stories that are worth being written. For this reason, we would like to leave an evidence of the good practices and the tradition of many people. As well we will talk about the satisfaction and sense of belonging to a place that today shines in the international landscape.   

More info: sebastianerras.com | pixartprinting.co.uk

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