I Organized Disney Themed Photography Workshop In Finnish Countryside And The Results Were Amazing

I have been touring Europe with my Digital Artist workshop for past couple of years and now I decided to do something different on my home turf Finland. I decided to put together a two and a half day workshop about creating fantasy art.

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The goal of the workshop was to help each of the photographers individually to realise their vision by extending their skillset and lending my support on the techniques and creative process. I am blessed with talented friends from the cosplay scene, so finding models for the Disney theme was simple, in fact, we could plan photoshoots with altogether three different characters as we had both Mad Hatter (@moocb) and Alice (@maeryecosplay) from Wonderland as well as Merida (Iina again…) posing for us.

Check out the amazing images the photographers created during the workshop. And for some this was their first ever composite image they created. Pretty special huh?

More info: anttikarppinen.com

Merida by Johanna Vaurio-Teräväinen


Merida by Jenni Emilia


Mad Hatter by Antti Kneckt


Merida by Sanna Vornanen


Alice and Mad Hatter by Tiina Anttila


Alice by Merja Aalto

Merida by Mika Pulkkinen


Alice and Mad Hatter by Pauliina Tuomikoski


Merida by Arsi Koivula


Merida by Marie Lähteenmaa


Mad Hatter and Alice by Jani Kormu


Darker version of Alice by Emmi Halmela


Mad Hatter by Kati Länsikylä


Fantasy Art Workshop BTS video

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