I Made This Photo Series To Help With The Cognitive Dissonance Of My Own Sobriety

My last post here on Bored Panda touched on some of my medical issues (Crohn’s Disease), issues that life just happen to deal me. As I write this, I have a little over 6 years of sobriety. And while there are certainly multiple things that factored into my previous drug use, I decided to take responsibility and clean up my act in January of 2011.

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As much as I would love to say that life became “perfect” after getting sober, the reality is that just isn’t true. Life did, however, become immensely better (and thankfully, is still continuing to do so). This series is about that space that exists for me in between doing the right/sober thing and wanting to revert to old ways/behaviors. This space has become a place for Cognitive Dissonance. Thankfully, I have learned to not fear this space and instead, embrace it.

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