I Captured Images Of Ghosts And Other Spiritual Entities At Shades Of Death Road, New Jersey

As an Evidential Psychic Medium and Visionary Artist focusing on Spirit Photography, I have always had this direct link with feeling the energy around me. 5 years ago I began to study the direct correlation between our Human Energy and its direct interaction with our environment. During this process, I began to expand on my art and photography.

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Step one for me is to first research an area that I would like to go shoot, my main focus is to find a location that is known for its paranormal activity. This series was shot at Shades of Death Road in Warren County NJ.

Shades of Death Road is a 2 lane rural road about 7 miles in length. There has been plenty of supernatural phenomena over the years, you can read about anything from lynching, fatal accidents and murders happening on this creepily shaded roadway. The series you see was shot at the most actively known parts of the road.

After getting into a meditative state allowing me to reach an altered state of consciousness, I began focusing my photography in the areas of Ghost Lake, Lenape Lane and the Fairy Hole. As you can see what began to unfold within my work is nothing more than phenomenal.

The only things added to my original images captured during my photography is symmetry and filters to enhance the natural patterns that are already there surrounding us. So what you see is the reality of the patterns that surround you naturally once symmetry is added.

I hope everyone enjoys the series and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me.

More info: simbiadik.com

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