How People’s Bedrooms Look Around The World

South African-born photographer John Thackwray probably doesn’t spend much time in his bedroom. Why? Because he’s too busy photographing the bedrooms of others!

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He’s spent over 6 years photographing over one thousand people’s bedrooms from 55 countries for his photo-series titled My Room Project. It started out as a bit of fun with friends in Paris but since then his project has taken him everywhere from Mexico and Russia to Nepal and Japan. Thackwray only photographs the bedrooms of people born in the 80s and 90s in order to capture and compare the different hopes and aspirations of one particular generation. He also interviews them about various topics including lifestyle, local issues, education, religion, and love, and he’s combined a selection of his photographs and interviews for a book that’s available for pre-order on his website.

More info: John Thackwray

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