Guy Quits Job To Travel The World But Doesn’t Forget To Assure His Mom He’s Fine (Part 2)

When Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez quit his job as a business consultant in Brussels, sold his car, and booked a one-way ticket to Cuba in March 2016, it goes without saying that his mom was just a bit worried. Over a year later, the globe trotter has built a brand off that same worry – or rather, his attempt to soothe it – and is still making his way through the world with a simple message to send home: “Mom, I’m fine.”

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The ubiquitous sign Quiñonez holds up in each viral photo is even more important than the breathtaking, often death-defying sights seen in the background. What started as a clever way to reassure his mom that he was safe evolved into a campaign for the pursuit of one’s passion. Through travelling, he freed himself from a life that limited his happiness, and he wants to inspire others to do the same. “Everybody loves to travel, you just have to dare to do it,” he told Bored Panda in a previous post. “I’m trying to show that the world is a beautiful place…”

Quiñonez watched his fan base grow steadily as he traversed cities, countries, and continents, and now has over 230 thousand followers on Instagram. In early May, his mom even came to join him on a trip to Indonesia. It’s safe to say that he’s doing more than just fine! Check out some of his latest adventures below, and just try to keep the wanderlust from setting in.

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