Former Engineer Is Winning India’s Heart With His Emotional Photographs

Abbas Baig, aka Abby, my college friend who used to get yelled by professors for being the master of his own will, has now his photographs, yelling stories of different people and places. He listened to his heart and followed his passion and few months’ back he got the chance to judge the photography contest “Prastuti” held in our own college. His work and story has been featured in various Indian and International magazines like Inspiro India magazine, Chiiz magazine, Asian photography and some other eminent digital platforms. He has won many street and travel photography contests.

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Now he is the mentor of two well-renowned photography groups, one is the International Street Photography group named “Urban Street Photography” and other one is one of the finest photography group over Instagram and Facebook named “DSLR”. He says “My simple funda(fundamental) is to bring out emotions from every element that comes in the scope of my camera lens”. 

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