Adorable Duo Travels The World To Play With Architecture, And Their Pics Will Give You An Eyegasm

Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis, a creative duo from Valencia, Spain, travel the world toying with perspective, geometry, and a camera. They photograph the quirky side of architecture, and the pictures look like straight out of an aesthetic fairytale.

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“It is not enough to just have an image that looks beautiful,” Daniel told More with Less. “It has to tell something without the need of putting it into words.”

Rueda and Devis also find the funniest ways to ‘interact’ with the architecture in their shots. They become characters in their own whimsical photographs, and this adds an additional amusing effect to the already rich and fascinating images.

“These places find me, or I am who has a hidden radar that is always on. Finding those buildings is not difficult if you know what you’re looking for.”

More info: Daniel’s Instagram | Anna’s Instagram (h/t: deMilked)

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