A Low Budget Didn’t Stop Us From Creating This 2-Year-Long Marie Antoinette Project All By Hand

When we put the project together I was a poor college student, my two partners are single moms of special needs children, and our team is made up of all freelance artists. Needless to say we were all a bit low on time, money, and resources. So we built all of the props, costumes, and sets by hand – and begged, borrowed, and bartered from strangers and friends.

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This editorial was a labor of love by three women driven by fashion and art, and was the first of many projects together, learning and growing along the way. 90% of the wardrobe was refashioned from Goodwill finds, and we built every aspect of the set and props together – from the bedding, to the (cardboard) cakes, to using grill skewers as a halo, and taking down all the drapes we had to use the fabric for dresses and curtain rods for scepters.

We collaborated on everything from the most major of scenes, to the most minute of details. Through this project we (safely of course) dyed a horse pink, stayed up all night making cakes out of cardboard, got numerous hot glue gun burns, and made lasting friendships and memories.

We wanted to make something fabulous, and didn’t want having a low budget to limit our imaginations. 

More info: theroyaldescent.com

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