10+ Winners Of The National Geographic Photography Contest for Kids

National Geographic has just announced the winners of its annual International Photo Contest for Kids, an event reserved for camera-holders between 6 and 14. If you’re expecting to see an amateur, off-centre gallery of trees and houses, you’re in for a shock. These kids are seriously creative, and the shots they captured are worthy of magazine covers. The photos have a unique and peaceful innocence about them that children quite possibly understand best.

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The international 1st place winner, Dewi Baggerman from the Netherlands, is headed to Washington, D.C. for a tour of National Geographic headquarters. You can see her entry and those of her 13 fellow winners below.

More info: National Geographic Kids

Grand Prize Winner / 1st Place in Dare to Explore by Dewi Baggerman, Age 11, Netherlands

Image credits: Dewi Baggerman

Runner Up, 1st Place Amazing in Animals by Maj Kastelic, Age 13, Slovenia

Image credits: Maj Kastelic

Runner Up, 1st Place in Weird But True by Pan Yinzhi, Age 13, China

Image credits: Pan Yinzhi

Runner Up, 1st Place in Wild Vacation by Sanya Jain, Age 12, India

Image credits: Sanya Jain

Honorable Mention in Amazing Animals by Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis, Age 10, Netherlands

Image credits: Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis

Honorable Mention in Weird But True by Devananda Hardi, Age 7, Indonesia

Image credits: Devananda Hardi

Wings, 1st Plac in Amazing Animals (US) by David Hopkins, Age 13

Image credits: David Hopkins

Paririe Kiss, 2nd Place in Amazing Animals (US) by Frey Youssef, Age 12

Image credits: Frey Youssef

Mystic Gates, 1st Place in Dare to Explore (US) by Riley Harlan, Age 12

Image credits: Riley Harlan

Archway to Cesky Krumlov, 2nd Place in Dare to Explore (US) by Alexia Saigh, Age 14

Image credits: Alexia Saigh

Owning the Stage, Grand Prize Winner (US) / 1st Place in Weird But True by Kate Anderson, Age 12

Image credits: Kate Anderson

Underwater Basketball, 2nd Place in Weird But True (US) by Josephine Goldman, Age 13

Image credits: Josephine Goldman

Zip-line Adventure, 1st Place in Wild Vacation (US) by Ryan Hughes, Age 13

Image credits: Ryan Hughes

Dromedaries on Diani, 2nd Place in Wild Vacation (US) by Piers Nicklin, Age 12

Image credits: Piers Nicklin

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