10+ Photos That Reveal The Magic Of Dutch Forests

You might know my name from my other popular photo series from the Netherlands with the last one being about the Purple Heather in my country. Check them out at Bored Panda. With my photo series I am trying to show the non-standard beauty of my country. Like I always say: The Netherlands is famous for the beautiful canals in Amsterdam, the tulips and of course the windmills. The Netherlands also has some beautiful forests that you can get lost in for hours.

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Forests are something different than normal landscapes. Especially for photographers, forests offer tons of different compositions even in a very small area because of the different lining and shapes of the trees. Also, they always look different with different light. These last few days have been very misty in my country. All the people around me are complaining about it being ‘grey’ and depressing. I always tell them: ‘Take a stroll around your local forest, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful atmosphere.’ Because that’s where forests become magical: when there is fog separating the trees from each other it’s like walking in a fairytale. But in any condition, forests always offer a great sense of peace and are relaxing to walk around in.

Of course forests look very different from season to season but there is almost always something beautiful to see. In summer the forests are nice and green. My favourite time is autumn when the trees start to get all kinds of colour. But I love winter too. When the leaves fell of the trees, all that’s left is the distinct shapes of the tree branches, often creating magical or spooky atmospheres. I am a photographer and I can find beauty in the forest always, during any season and during any time of day. It doesn’t matter how the light is. But sometimes, I’d like to forget about photographing and just enjoy the beautiful silence the forests offer. I can recommend it to everyone that has forests, small or big, around them. Take some time to walk around for an hour or 2. It’s extremely relaxing and a great stress reliever too!

These photos were all taken in the Netherlands.

More info: albertdros.com

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