10+ Hairless Cat Photos That Will Remind You Of Aliens

In 2013, Catalan photographer Alicia Rius discovered the hairless cats (Sphynx) and since then, they became her obsession. She would look for cat models in Craigslist, Facebook and asking around.

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After her work went viral in 2015, she has devoted much time to create a complete, solid body of work around the breed called “The Disturbing Beauty of the Sphynx Cat”, a series of photos where she explores the breed’s beauty within their oddity.

“A cat without that protective coat, allows me to recognize and experience each emotion and sensation the Sphynx cat is experiencing, as it was exposed on its raw, naked flesh,” she explains.

In the end, she wants the reader “to be complete with an understanding and appreciation of this breed, so much as to look at the Sphynx with utter amazement.”

If you have a Sphynx and want to participate in her Photo Book Project, check out the information here.

More info: aliciariusphotography.com | Instagram

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